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Natarsha Belling

Natarsha Belling is one of Australia's most experienced and versatile Journalists and News Presenters.

With more than twenty-five years’ experience presenting the news stories that have changed and shaped our lives, Natarsha's passion, skill and warmth have seen her shine across a number of media platforms, including television, radio and podcasting. 


Mark Beretta

Mark Beretta is Australia’s most watched Sports Presenter. He is also an author, engineer, 10-times Australian water ski champion, Dancing With The Stars contestant, and marathon bike rider. As sports guru for the Seven Network’s Sunrise program, he has been watched by almost half a million Australians every day.

A vibrant personality with the ability to make guests feel immediately at ease in his company, Mark Beretta is in high demand as a corporate host and MC.

Angela Bishop

Angela Bishop is a much loved television entertainment reporter and co host of Network Ten’s popular show “Studio Ten”.

Angela has been a long time supporter of the Grace Centre for newborn Intensive Care since her daughter, Amelia, at just two days old had heart surgery to treat her pulmonary valve stenosis.  Angela’s newborn daughter then spent five days at the Grace Centre.  Angela has been on the Grace Gala committee since the inaugural event.



Furnace and the Fundamentals 

Providing an eclectic blend of the best songs ever written, delivered with all the character of the original and twice the energy, Furnace and the Fundamentals give the people what they want – better than they remembered it. 

With combined sales of over one billion records, their immense repertoire spans countless hits, performed with their incredible musicianship and a stunning stage presence. From The Beatles to Beyonce, Queen to Daft Punk, The Lion King to Dirty Dancing and everything in between – this band is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Darren Powell.jpg

Darren Powell

Darren Powell, the consummate multi instrumentalist and 
flugelhorn virtuoso, is the true epitome of musical versatility. 
Hailing from the Southern Highlands his artistic expression draws from the timeless legends of musical elegance, embodying the spirit and finesse of icons like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Chet Baker, Louis Armstrong and the contemporary allure of Michael Bublé. With a masterful command of various instruments, Darren orchestrates 
harmonious symphonies that transport listeners to the golden age of smooth crooning, evoking nostalgia and delight in equal measure.

Sarah Roberts DJ.jpg

DJ Sarah Roberts

 If you’ve stepped foot on the dance floor over the last half decade then you would’ve seen this girl around. Sarah knows how to grab a crowd by the horns with her fun vocal mash-ups and DJ style. Sarah is in high demand for Australia’s premium corporate events and private parties and we are thrilled she is lending her talents for Grace Gala tonight.


The next year will see big things for this talented beauty, Sarah goes between Sydney, Melbourne and LA playing shows and filming as her new role onset. Not many people can say they can act, dance, sing and DJ - and Sarah is a pro at all of these skills.

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